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Three Ways to Amend a Motion

As a matter of survival, the most common motion a club member needs to know completely is the Motion to Amend a Pending Motion.

The difficult part is remembering that the more urgent motions can not be amended - Adjourn, Question of Privilege, Orders of the Day, Lay on/Take from the Table, Previous Question, Point of Order, Appeal, Parliamentary Inquiry, Suspend the Rules, and Reconsider.

During the Debate step of a Pending Motion, one may move to Amend the Pending Motion. All one needs to remember is that there are really only 3 basic processes of amendments:.

    Let's Amend this Sample Motion: "I move that we buy a new sign."

  1. You can Move to Amend by Inserting words or paragraphs.
    I move to Amend by Inserting the phrase "not to exceed $50 dollars" at the end of the motion.

  2. You can Move to Amend by Striking out (not deleting) words or paragraphs.
    I move to Amend by striking out the word "new".

  3. You can Move to Amend by Striking out and Inserting words or paragraphs. One can even Amend by Substituting (Striking out and Inserting) entire paragraphs or the complete motion.
    I move to Amend by Striking out the word "sign" and Inserting the word "billboard".

You can also Amend the Amendment, before it is voted upon:
But you can only Amend the Inserted or Struck out words. You can not Amend a separate part of the Main Motion not covered by the Amendment that is currently being discussed!
After the current Amendment is voted upon, you can Amend the Motion again and Amend this new Amendment.

If you carefully review these 3 basic processes of amendments (insert, strike out, and strike out/insert), you will agree that any other form is not an amendment. Proper usage of these 3 processes will reduce the chances of chaos and confusion that is common during discussion of motions and amendments.

When one understands the means to amend a motion, one will be able to calmly defend oneself from all tyrannical group leaders.

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