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Survival Tips on
Robert's Rules of Order

Unamendable Motions

The power to amend any motion leads to a quick compromise which pleases most of the members. Notice that amending the following motion makes no sense.

In all of the motions listed in this section, the members either allow something to occur or they do not allow it. A member is either granted a request or is not. Normally, there is no half way position; there is no modification. (Notice that among the common motions, if you can not debate them, then you probably can not amend them either!).

  1. Adjourn.
  2. Call for the Orders of the Day.
  3. Call for the Division of the Assembly.
  4. Lay on the Table/Take from the Table.
  5. Dispense with Reading of the Minutes.
  6. Objection to the Consideration of the Question.
  7. Postpone Indefinitely.
  8. Previous Question (Close Debate).
  9. Parliamentary Inquiry.
  10. Point of Information.
  11. Point of Order.
  12. Raise a Question of Privilege.
  13. Suspend the Rules.
  14. Appeal from the Decision of the Chair.
  15. Reconsider a Motion.

Once you realize which motions you can make without the obstacle of an opposing debate or modification, you can then assure the victory of your plans.

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