Survival Tips on
Robert's Rules of Order

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We must learn to run a meeting without victimizing the audience; but more importantly, without being victimized by individuals who are armed with parliamentary procedure and a personal agenda.
    Before the Motion
  1. Bylaws - Best Advice
  2. Origins of a Motion
  3. The Agenda
  4. Unfinished Business vs Old Business
  5. Entitled to be Heard
  6. Totally Wrong Phrases
  7. Unanimous Consent
  8. Meeting vs Session
  9. Using the 6 Steps to Get Your Way
  10. Notice and the Vote
    During the Motion
  1. 6 Steps to Each Motion
  2. Some General Exceptions
  3. When the 6 Steps Do Not Apply
  4. 4 Motions Always Out of Order
  5. 5 Ways to Modify a Motion
  6. 3 Ways to Amend a Motion
  7. Unamendable Motions
  8. Undebatable Motions
  9. Do Not Interrupt
  10. Suspend the Rules
    After the Motion
  1. Vote Reflects the Assembly's Will
  2. Counting Votes; Voting Results
  3. 2/3 Vote vs Majority
  4. Motions Adopted, Yet Still Not Final
  5. Rescind, Repeal, Annul
  6. Resignation
Some Thoughts
Brown Act Classes for your Organization
Robert's Rules of Order Superseded?
Some California Code
California Brown Act Amended effective 1/1/14.   NEW for 2014!
California Brown Act CC 54950, et seq.
CA Brown Act (my notes).
Davis-Stirling Common Interest Dev. Act CC 1350, et seq.
Relaxation of Brown Act Requirements?
Article: The 2012-13 California Budget Act suspends reimbursements. (8/29/12)
This affects costs associated with the Brown Act's requirements for postings and reportings.
1. Mandated statutes should be funded, say tax sensitive groups.
2. Government should be open and accessible to the public, says the California Constitution.
3. A lack of funding does not affect compliance, says the Brown Act.
4. Inform the constituency and avoid political suicide, say the locally elected officials.
Parliamentary Surprises:
If one is not armed with the fundamentals of parliamentary procedure, one will suffer surprising consequences such as the ones I have seen in various meetings. Read and be prepared.
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