Parliamentary Activities
Lorenzo Cuesta, PRP

  National Seminars Attended   23rd AIP Practicum, 2004
24th AIP Practicum, 2005
26th AIP Practicum, 2007
30th AIP Practicum, 2011
NAP Professional Business Development, 2009
AIP Business Development Institute, 2010
AIP Teacher's Certification Course, 2010
NAP Professional Business Development, 2011
AIP Business Development Institute, 2013 (Coordinator)

  Roles within NAP or AIP   Workshops and Seminars:
CA Sigma Rho Pi - Recognition
CA Sigma Rho Pi - Non-Profits
CSAP Sierra Area Qty - Quorum
CSAP Sierra Area Institute, 2004-2007
CSAP Sierra Area Institute, 2009-2011
CSAP Convention, 2005
CSAP Convention, 2006
CSAP Convention, 2010
AIP Region VII Annual Conference, 2007
AIP Region VII Annual Conference, 2008
NTC Annual Conference, 2008
NAP Biennial Conference, 2009
NAP District 8 Conference, 2011, 2013
NAP Biennial Conference, 2011
CSAP Sierra Area Institute, 2012

CSAP Secretary, 2004-05
CSAP Secretary, 2005-06
CSAP California Parliamentarian, Editor, 2008-09
CSAP California Parliamentarian, Editor, 2009-10
CSAP California Parliamentarian, Editor, 2010-11
CSAP California Parliamentarian, Editor, 2011-12
Sierra Area Director, 2006-07
AIP Region VII Executive Lt. Governor, 2008-09
AIP Region VII Governor, 2009-10
Translator - McConnell Booklet, 2010
California State Association of Parliamentarians, Vice President, 2010-11
California State Association of Parliamentarians, Vice President, 2011-12
Evaluator - McConnell DVDs (Meetings), 2011
California State Association of Parliamentarians, President, 2012-14

  Roles outside of NAP or AIP   Workshops and Seminars:
United Public Employee's Local #1, 2001
Sacramento Legal Secretaries Association, 2002
Sacramento Legal Secretaries Association, 2004-2013
Neighborhood USA, National Convention, 2004
California Coalition Against Sexual Assault, 2005
Association for Applied and Clinial Sociology, 2006
Mexican American Correctional Association, 2007
North California Millwrights, Local #102, 2009
North California Millwrights, Local #102, 2010
North California Millwrights, Local #102, 2012
CA Hospital Health and Services, 2010
Oliver Management Network, Inc., 2011
Master Your Meetings, Teleseminar Series, 2011
Student Senate for Ca Community Colleges, General Assembly, (April, July, Nov 2011)
Cal-HOSA State Leadership Conference, 2011
Mt. Shasta Area Council (CHHandH), 2011
Ca Association of Resource Specialists & Special Educ. Teachers, 2011
Ca Special Districts Association (Webinar), 2011-13
California Senior Legislatures, 2011
San Diego Comm Coll District (City, Mesa, Miramar), 2011
Sacramento City College, 2011, 2012, 2013
Shasta College, 2011
Los Angeles Valley College (and LA Mission Coll), 2011
San Jose City College, Associated Students, 2012, 2013
Delta Theta Phi, Laurence Drivon School of Law, 2012
McKingleyville Special Districts (twice), 2012
FFA Parliamentary Class Guest Speaker (Skype), 2012
Region 1 Summit, Butte College, 2012
California State Retirees, 2012
Alta California Regional Center, 2012 twice
National Black Coalition of Federal Aviation Employees, 2012
Cerro Coso Community College Associated Students, 2012
SSCCC Region IX Retreat, 2012
Parliamentary Procedure Made Easy (YouTube Audio), 2012
California Interscholastic Federation, 2012
American River College Associated Students, 2012
Riverside City College Associated Students, 2012
Los Medanos College Associated Students, 2012
Gold Country Region Ca Special District Assoc., 2013
De Anza College, 2013
Ca Special Districts Association Convention (2 classes), 2013

Parliamentarian, etc:
Sacramento Valley Women's Soccer League, 2004 [B]
American History Society of Germans from Russia, 2004
Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America [J]
Presbytery of Sacramento, 2007-2013
Girls Scouts Council of Napa/Solano, 2007
California Utilities Diversity Council, 2007
Business Professionals of America, 2008 [J]
Vietnamese Parent Teachers Association, 2009, 2010 [B]
Sierra Curtis Neighborhood Association, 2009
Unity Church of Stockton, 2010
National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, 2010
Connecticut Valley Theatre and Organ Society, 2010 [O]
Lend a Heart - Animal Assisted Therapy, 2010 [O]
Sands of Kahana Timeshares, 2010 [O]
Mexican American Correctional Association, 2010 [B]
Associated Students, Inc. of Cal State, Sacramento, 2010, 2011, 2012
Lake Forest Waterford Owners Association, 2010
American Art Therapy Association, 2010
Student Senate for California Community Colleges, 2010-12
SSCCC, General Assemblies, 2011(2), 2012
Soroptimist International Greater Sacramento, 2011, 2013 [B]
California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Inc., 2011-13
National FFA Parliamentary Procedure CDE, 2011, 2012 [J]
California Senior Legislatures, 2011
California School Nutrition Association, 2011
Association of California State Supervisors, 2012
California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, Inc., 2012, Convention
Presbytery of Sacramento, Special Meetings (3) 2011-12
Asian American Hotel Owners Association, Inc., 2012, 2013
National Association of Hispanic Publications, Inc. 2012, 2013
Sacramento City College Student Government, 2012-13
Southwest Region of Chi Eta Phi Sorority, Inc. Conference, 2013
CSU Northridge [B], 2013
Sacramento Regional Inclusion and Diversity Council [B], 2013
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[ B = Bylaws   J = Judge   O = Opinion ]

  Other Presentations  
  • Member of National Association of Parliamentarians (NAP)
    CA Sigma Rho Pi; CA Sigma Chi Sigma; CA Epsilon
  • Member of American Institute of Parliamentarians (AIP)
    Chapter #71
  • Tutorial before monitoring of NAP Membership Examination
  • Proctor of Registered Parliamentarian Examination (no tutorial)
  • Toastmasters International District #39
  • Toastmasters International District #57