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Robert's Rules of Order


Robert's is very clear about how to handle resignations.

  1. Bylaws:
    First, always follow the society's constitution and bylaws. After that, follow the rest of this list as long as there is no conflict between the society's constitution or bylaws. All, some, or no part of this list may apply except this first item.

  2. Rescind:
    Once the officer or member resigns, a motion to 'Rescind' the resignation, or to 'Amend a Motion Previously Adopted' (the resignation) is not in order.

  3. Fees:
    A resignation need not be accepted by the society if the member owes fees.
    If the member does not owe any fees, the member cannot be compelled to continue membership.

  4. Who accepts the resignation?:
    If the member was elected or appointed by the president, the board, the executive committee, or the assembly, the power to accept the resignation and to fill the vacancy returns to the electing or appointing entity.

  5. Motion to resign:
    A motion to accept a resignation is both amendable and debatable. It is adopted with a majority of votes cast.

  6. Due Process:
    Once charges against a member have been preferred, the society has no obligation to suggest or accept a resignation. The member could have resigned before the charges were preferred.
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