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Robert's Rules of Order

2/3 Vote vs Majority Vote

The basic requirement for approval of an action is a majority vote. However, the following situations require a 2/3 STAND UP vote for approval. Notice that all of these motions rob the individual of his rights. As a compromise between the rights of the individual and the rights of the assembly, a 2/3 vote is necessary:

  1. Modify an Adopted Rule of Order or Agenda:
    1. Amend or Rescind the Constitutions, Bylaws, or Agenda;
    2. Amend or Rescind Something Already Adopted;
    3. Suspend the Orders of the Day;
    4. Refuse to Proceed to the Orders of the Day;
    5. Take up a Question Out of its Order.

  2. Prevent the Introduction of a Question for Consideration:

  3. Modify the Extend of Debate:
    1. Limit or Extend Limits of Debate;
    2. Call for the Previous Question.

  4. Close Nominations:

  5. Repeal an Assignment:
    1. Take Away Membership or Office;
    2. Discharge a Committee.

  6. Make a Motion a Special Order:

The presiding officer should take a rising vote in those motions where a 2/3 vote is required.

You can assure the victory of your ideas, once you are aware of the required amount of vote necessary for adoption of your motion.

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