Robert's Rules
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Survival Tips on
Robert's Rules of Order

Using the 6 Steps to get Your Way

If you wish to defeat, delay, or weaken a motion that you are against, you need to know when you can interrupt the speaker with the precise modification or motion ...

  1. To prevent the assembly from adopting the motion;

  2. To assist the maker of the motion with the phrasing of the motion, so that it is even more confusing, less defendable, or less appealing;

  3. To amend the motion to an extent that not even the maker of the motion will vote for its approval;

  4. To prolong the debate and to confuse the issue until someone moves to Postpone Indefinitely or Calls for the Orders of the Day;

  5. To disrupt the proceedings by introducing motions which can interrupt a speaker, without requiring a second, and without allowing debate, nor requiring a vote.

The result is that you can defeat a motion, even when the majority is in favor of the motion.

You can also do just the opposite - work towards the adoption of the motion. You can readily assure that a motion is adopted merely by anticipating and preventing your adversary's misuse of the 6 steps!

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