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Survival Tips on
Robert's Rules of Order

Totally Wrong Phrases!

I am sure you have frequently heard these phrases applied with loud and blind confidence.

  1. SO MOVED!
    This is a common statement which means nothing. One must state the actual motion so as to avoid confusion in the audience. Everyone has the right to know exactly what is being moved and discussed. "So moved!" is vague and pointless. Do not allow your club members to be vague and pointless.

    First of all, the motion is "Move to Lay on the Table". According to Robert's Rules of Order, this motion is in order only as a temporary interruption of the agenda, so as to allow something special and urgent out of turn. It is not intended to kill a motion. If your members wish to kill a motion, let them use the correct motion - "Move to Postpone Indefinitely".

    This is not a motion. The person calling "Question! Question!" is being disorderly, if another person has the floor. At best, it is a nagging hint to the chair to stop the discussion and get on with the voting. The chair should make sure that everyone has had an opportunity to speak and still please the nagging "call for the question" hint. The chair should state that after one or two more speakers' comments, the vote shall be taken.

    It is critical that the chair not automatically stop the discussion when someone says "Call for the question". The disorderly member who wishes to stop the discussion does not have more rights than the members who wish to discuss the issue. Actually, a motion to stop the discussion ("I Call for" or "I Move the Main Question") would require a 2/3 vote to be adopted.

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