Survival Tips on
Robert's Rules of Order

Debate Protocol

Effective Meeting Management is defeated because 10 simple concepts are neglected.

  1. Only one person speaks at a time, without repeating what has already been stated.

  2. A speaker must be recognized before speaking, so that all know who has the floor.

  3. All comments are made through the chair, even if intended for another member.

  4. Comments are confined to the current motion or amendment, and never both.

  5. Discussion should alternate between Pro and Con.

  6. Members have no right to complain; only to make motions (e.g., amend, refer, postpone, etc.).

  7. No cross conversations; no interruptions; no intimidations.

  8. No verbal attacks of other members, not even questioning other member's motives.

  9. Debate time limits must be respected, unless a 2/3 vote amends the limits.

  10. Decisions are null and void in the absence of a quorum or as unilateral decisions.

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